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Are you looking for a wedding photographer focused on emotions instead of strict poses? 
You'd like some pretty engagement/honeymoon photos taken in Budapest?
I am eager to hear about you. Write me a few lines about your plans. It would be my pleasure to save your memories for the next generations. And for you, of course. I am based in Budapest (HU), but ready to jump on a plane and travel in Europe. 

Who I am? My name is Győző Dósa. You won't be able to pronounce it. But never mind, Hungarian is probably the hardest language on Earth. 
I like to create honest, intimate photographs about people. People in love. People with passion. My objective is to tell your story, not to create it. Tell it through the details and gestures. I am also a husband, by the way. I believe in marriage! 

Drop me a few lines to get started:

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