Are you looking for a wedding photographer focused on emotions instead of strict poses?

And you wouldn't mind a wedding film in the same style, huh? We’ve got your back!

“We’de like to thank you for capturing the happiest and most honest moments of our life, our friends’ and families’ life, while your presence were almost unnoticeable. Always stay this kind and devoted. We hug you a thousand times!”
Rita and Emir

“We are so happy we chose you to photograph that special day! When we were looking for a photographer, we wanted somebody who can capture all those stolen moments with emotions and all. You exceeded all our expectations. And we are thrilled that you made several photos of our families and friends as well. Thank you!”
Reka and Szabolcs

Who we are?

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We are Győző and Levente, a photographer and a filmmaker.
We like to create honest, intimate photographs and films about people in love. People with passion. Our objective is to tell your story, not to create it. Tell it through the details and gestures.

We like to work with people who are not afraid to show their emotions. Who are gentle and caring, but confident in what they want.

Our favorite weddings are open-air weddings.

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We want to hear about you!

We are eager to hear about you. Write us a few lines about your plans. It would be our pleasure to save your memories for the next generations. And for you, of course. We are based in Budapest (HU), but ready to jump on a plane and travel in Europe. 

Drop us a few lines to get started:

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